Where am I from?
England, more specifically born in London, raised in the South.

What did you start this blog?
I wanted to remember funny stories and have something to look back on when I left. It’s my own little diary.

Why don’t you ever update it then?
Because – I procrastinate, like to a whole new level. And I’ve just been enjoying my time here.

Why California?
Personal ties and a strong recommendation. Also, they took out New York from the choices, never thought I’d end up getting it. But here I am.

Do you think people will be ok with you writing about them?
Yeah, I’ve mentioned it’s anonymous to most of them. If they ever find it and have a problem, I’ll take it down straight away.

What do you miss most about England?
Rude people.

What do you like most about California?
The food.

Are you sad to leave?