The Story of How the Cool Girl became my First Best Friend

Let us call her – Brandy. Brandy is one of those girls that you see across the street and know she’s got some crazy stories to tell. Brandy is quite literally the polar opposite of me, but the friend I’ve always dreamed of having.

I met her pretty early on in the year – she was hooking up with another exchange student who lived in my halls. Let’s call him Orlando. Brandy and Orlando had something else going on – they were two extremely passionate people. But cheeky little Orlando had a girlfriend back home. Now I didn’t know Brandy too well at this point, just the odd hello on the walkway outside our halls, and I’m ashamed to say I judged her for hooking up with a taken lad. (Turns out she didn’t know, see? Cheeky Orlando.)

That was my first impression; stunning, rebellious, too cool for school and a little intimidating. So our conversations were short and polite – until I met Orlando’s friend. Now let’s call this guy Chris. Chris is another story. But when we hung out it would be the four of us and several other people who were mutual friends. Eventually it ended up being the coolest crew that I had been craving for the longest time. We studied together, drank together and got into trouble together. I got closer to Brandy throughout this whole process, and when we both got a bid for the same sorority it was pretty clear that we were similar on some levels. She even got the girl I wanted as my big originally – another story.

Something clicked – neither of us really fit that “srat” lifestyle. But boy we did have fun. Brandy was the girl that persuaded me to jump out of windows to run away from cops after a party got busted, steal wings, rave in ubers, dye my hair pink, she taught me to own my body and not let the judgement get to me. This girl is a whirlwind. And she’s made me say yes to the things I would’ve said no to before.

Brandy – the girl with the blue hair –  the dopest girl I’ve ever met and despite my failure at yicking, picking up lads and my very very little smarts compared to you. I’m so glad we met.


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