The beginning of it all

My biggest dream?

Living in America.

What better way to do it than combine doing it in my  degree, hey, work hard – play hard.

Honestly, I applied because my friend on my course did. She ended up dropping out of the process half way through and I carried on. Hands down, the best decision of my life.

I made my Dad do most of my application for me honestly, it’s all so bloody confusing. First I applied to my university, then had an interview to see if I would be a suitable candidate. Then, once you’re paired with your university – you apply to them. It’s one of the longest processes I have done – and entirely worth it. Handfuls of essays on what type of person you are, how you’ll contribute to the university and why you’re the best pick over another standard british girl.

When I found out I got America I was ecstatic then I got placed in my 3rd choice of campus, but hey I guess beggars can’t be choosers – and what a bloody ride it’s been.


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