Let’s start off…

Let’s start off with what you’re all dying to know about…

The toilets.

First off, I thought public toilets in England were bad but goodness me I was in for the shock of my life out here. The experiences I have had so far are not the best. Let me just note that you walk in and generally if the smell doesn’t hit you first, the bloody GAPS IN THE DOORS will. I’m sorry, but did they run out of material to fill in the sides of the doors? I’ll walk through the toilet and manage to know which ones are filled or not because I can see people’s pants around their feet and I can actually see their faces in the gaps in the doors. It’s crazy!

Anyhoo, I’ve become quite accustomed to it. It hasn’t become endearing but let’s just say I’ve learnt that if you want to be ‘comfortable’ just head home to pop to the loo – if you catch my drift.

Oh, also, I’ve discovered that absolutely no one has any idea what the loo is… I’ve discovered that if you don’t want to ask 5 people before you find it, it’s purely called the toilet..!


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